IAG Membership

IAG members receive a substantial discount on their registration for the 2018 NZGS/IAG Auckland Conference.

To join the IAG or to check if your IAG membership is still current (it expires at the end of the calendar year) please go to our new website:

If you are a past member and have not yet logged into the website, you have a default account with the following settings: USERNAME: Your email address. PASSWORD: Your First Name_Surname (e.g., Joanne_Bloggs). Username and passwords are case sensitive. Please change your password once logged in.

Please email if you have any queries or need any help in accessing your member account or renewing your membership.


NZGS Membership

NZGS members receive a discount on their registration for the 2018 NZGS/IAG conference.

To join, go to the Membership section on the NZGS website at

If you are already member and want to renew your existing membership: go to the Membership Section of the NZGS webpage, then to the login section, enter your username and password.  If you have forgotten these, you can request a reset.

Early bird: Join or renew before 1 May and you will receive the Early Bird rate.  Simply copy and paste the ‘early bird coupon code’ into the ‘Early Bird’ box and the rate will automatically update.  Please note that if you do not use this coupon, the full subscription rate will apply.

If you have any queries relating to membership or your subscription, contact

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